I've been looking at old photos of my kids on the harddrive backup that saved my life (OK, perhaps a tiny overstatement, speaking figuratively, then.)

Neither of these are at all indicative:

No, i said SELL onetelHenry resembling a socially-oriented chatterbox. 

Cheerful on the insideTilly resembling a terribly serious and possibly grumpy baby. "Cheerful on the inside" I had written on the back of this one. Not representative of the sunny, happy bubba she was, but a photo we loved anyway.

I'm looking at these early photos because I'm wondering what the next baby might look like.

Yep, the biggest surprise of 2009? Adam and I are expecting another baby!

I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and feeling excellent thanks, after feeling unbelievably appalling for the whole first three months, mostly in the evenings when I usually post here! 

But all good now, over the unexpectedness and very much looking forward to meeting the new little pickle at the end of June. Can't wait, in fact.

Adam asked if he could name this one and I said he could, as long as I had the right of veto, so all baby name suggestions very gratefully received as we've used up our two favourites.

Henry and Tilly are right into the idea of a baby, there has been a lot of talk of where it will sleep and how you must be quiet (which Tilly describes in stage whispers). She was being boisterous yesterday and Henry told her to keep the noise down in case she made the baby in Mummy's tummy cry. (I said I thought the baby would like to listen to them playing, and noise wouldn't worry it right now.)

So there's a whole lot of new and interesting conversations going on here.

Henry: (every morning this week) Is the baby still in your tummy Mummy?

Me: Yep, it'll be in there a little while yet. 

I've made him a calendar with all his cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents and favourite friends birthdays on it highlighted with stickers (this is very important to him) and he asked to put the baby's birthday on it which I did with trepidation. Imagine the anxiety in the house if I'm a fortnight late?!

Anyway, whether we get a chatterbox or a grumpy head, it'll be another one of us, and there is nothing in the world more exciting than that. 

A family of five. We can do that.



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