Gerringong Quilt Show


Every year I go – my Auntie Marg is one of the organisers – and every year I think the quilts cannot get more amazing.

And then they do.


I love love love quilts. 

I've never made one, that's largely because I have an extraordinary friend who quilts and has made us six since the first one, a wedding quilt, eight years ago. SIX. Yep, it's another post, I have to show you Jodi's quilts sometime. They are utterly beautiful.

But look at these… 


And that's the thing about quilts, I think. They are scraps of fabric, traditionally actual scraps. And they're sewn together, typcially by women, into something completely functional, which keeps you warm, but is an object of beauty, and sometimes great art at the same time. 

We have a family friend who is a bit of a quilting celebrity, and whose quilts get more astonishingly beautiful and detailed every year. 




This, above, is Merelyn Pearce and her amazing award-winning quilt called Preston Dreaming. This photo does it zero justice. The needlework is astounding. It's the last in a series of six. It won best in show at the Sydney Quilt Show this year, is a contender for the National Quilt Award and frankly it belongs in an art gallery. 

So inspired.


Next year I'm going to learn how to quilt. 


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