Giving up sugar. No, really.



Hello, my name is Fiona and I have a bit of a sugar problem.

It's no so big or obvious. I'm not enormous, or even that unhealthy. But I do eat sugar every day, and I crave it. 

I've kidded myself for a long time that because most of the sugar I consume is in from-scratch food, homemade icecream, bikkies, slices – that it's not unhealthy. 

I don't drink soft drink, or even fruit juice, I don't eat sweets or any processed sweet food. 

I've got a positive and, I think, healthy body image.

But all this is smoke and mirrors. 

I eat too much sugar. And if I don't stop, I'll be heavier in three months time than I am now. 

And so I'm stopping.

Cold turkey. From tomorrow. For two weeks: ZERO sugar.

We'll still do Slice of Wednesday but we might mix it up and make it savoury? 

I was going to post the recipe for this fabulous cookies and cream icecream tonight. But how about we keep that one up our sleeve and make it again in a months time, as a special treat, when my sister arrives on a visit from Hong Kong? 

Maybe this is disappointing because you tune in here for the lucious sweet things.

Or maybe you'll be interested in following along with the sugar-free revolution in this house?

I've heard that after you crack through the first week that you can find yourself feeling wonderful, and you won't know yourself without the sugar cravings. Hope that's true. 

If you have any tips I'd love to hear them. I'm not known for my excellent self discipline and I'm going to be very honest here, you can hold me accountable!

In your eye, apple pie. 


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