Hello! Well I'm not going to pretend it was a marvellously relaxing long weekend… there was small children and wilderness involved after all, but camping was AWESOME. I should have clarified earlier, we weren't technically camping, but glamping. Let me illustrate:

DSC02091Yes, that's an espresso machine, plugged into a generator.

DSC02089D'ya think we've given the kids the wrong idea? 

DSC02061Hmm, see note above?

(That spit roaster in the background cooked a 22kg lamb on Saturday night. SO delicious.)

DSC02070There was lots of music, mainly instigated by Timmy (left); although I think this fabulous beer-bottle-banging thing (all filled up to different levels to make different notes) was Andy's invention (right).

DSC02064Our new tent: worked perfectly. We were camping on a friend's family property, there was a huge amount of space so the tents were all spread out around a central fire. 


We had so much fun exploring!! (And lots of throwing-rocks-in-the-river action, pictured above.) The best thing about the weekend was hanging out with a big big crew of old cherished friends.

Hope you all had a marvellous weekend too.


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