Go on, waste half an hour…


Half an hour? Who am I kidding? I can lose two to three at a time to The Internet.

I promise myself an early night then look at the clock in the top right hand corner and suddenly it's midnight. 

You too?

Please read on so I can NOT help you at all with this!!

Etsy Most of you probably know Etsy, online store for all gorgeous creative things. The hand-made eBay. I'm in folk-art heaven.

Youtube Because you can type in 'medieval' and come up with stuff like this.

Google blogsearch Find people writing about just about anything.

Half-bakery: satire at it's best.

On this day in history: sorry, did you forget whose blog you were reading? G.E.E.K.

Checking up on the last Harry Potter film. Oh come on Fiona, be honest. Checking up on the next Twilight movie.

You may or may not like Twitter, and I'm not a celebrity-watcher, but I have to admit to having a little look at what P!nk and Diablo Cody are doing. Love them.

Oddee.com There goes twenty minutes right there.

Post secret Know this one already? Check it weekly. It's brilliant.

Lots of love!


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