gone to the dogs



I should just say first, the kids have never been big fans of dogs. Not sure why, their parents are lifelong card-carrying supporters. There has been a bit of trepidation this weekend with leaping and barreling puppies, but on the leads, that's another thing. Everyone is happy. 



Off leads, the puppies have been awesome. 

Getting to know their new home, the neighbouring cat, you know. The chooks (through the fence). We think that getting two at once, while it might seem insane, is actually easier. They play all day then conk out and sleep in their dog house, on the big shared dog bed we prepared for them.




We didn't name them, the names were given to them by the handlers at the RSPCA, and they seem to respond well, so we kept the names.

They're really quite calm pups, and I think we're lucky and they've been beautifully handled and trained in the last couple of months they've been at the shelter. 



We are LOVING having them here with us. We're getting used to gates that were never previously shut and we're reading up, as we do with these things, about feeding, and pack, and training. 

We adore our dogs. And gosh they're cute. 


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