grateful for friends

Joining in with Maxabella over here



When we left Sydney to move down south, I think the thing I was most nervous about was leaving my friends. I'd done it a few times already. We'd left Sydney to move to London. Left again to move to Brisbane. Leaving Brisbane actually turned out to be the hardest thanks to the most wonderful and fabulous people we had to say goodbye to. (A few in particular I still miss every day and WISH I could convince to move down here.)

Of  course there are a couple of friendships which are impervious to distance and I'm very lucky to have those. They remain, where ever we both are, whatever business or commitments keep them busy and however bad I am at returning calls, emails and texts.

But leaving Sydney left me thinking I'd never find another truly fabulous wider group of friends. I must have used up my life's quota by now. 

It's therefore come as a surprise that there are kindred spirits here. Even on this particular little country lane. 

I've been welcomed and included and sought out and brought along. I'm intensely grateful for this, because we intend to stay here forever. Which means these amazing women are likely to be friends for a very long time. 

Very, very grateful.

For new friends, and old.





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