growing potatoes


According to Inner Pickle I planted potatoes around mid May. I really need a garden journal that is a tad more specific. Note to self.

Anyway, something's been shredding my vines. 




Thoughts seem to be it might be a ten spotted ladybird (of which there is no sign) or caterpillars (of which there are also no sign.)

As I am a very curious gardener and have never grown spuds before, I dug up one vine today, one that had been decimated and that I assumed would not have produced tubers, and in that gorgeous loamy soil I found these:




It's just like magic. You plant an old sprouted spud out of the pantry in the ground. Hill up the soil around the vines when they come up and then voila, a bunch of potatoes grow. 

That is the COOLEST thing. I'm so proud.

And just like that, you can feed a family.



Of, er, very very tiny not-hungry elves.


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