How much do you have to love a person in order to give them your last ration of goat's fetta? 

In the case of our friends Linda and Matt, here for lunch today, it was a cinch. Goodbye goat's fetta.




I still have a lot of flour (like, 25kgs) and a good stock of olives and lots of fresh herbs. I thought pizzas were a good use for this awesome hunk of pumpkin given to me by my other Vanessa, the amazing permaculture gardener.




I have about eight bottles of wine, tampons to last at least three months and lots of dried beans – which you are bound to hear about in the coming days.

But this morning, as I rushed to fetch milk for Ivy, I drained my last bottle. I looked at it in my hand and thought for a second, screw this idea – the baby needs milk. 

Then I picked up a dozen eggs and drove to my nearest dairy. Actually not my nearest. But a friendly dairy somewhere in the area. And traded eggs for milk. 





Apart from anything, Adam and I have been reading The Untold Story of Milk and we're dead set on getting some into the kids, particularly Henry. Bring on the raw milk revolution. I want to be part of it. (And if I ever actually am part of it, you can bet I won't be publishing about it here.) But I digress.

Linda and Matt asked if they could bring anything for lunch and while I insisted on nothing, they insisted on something, and Adam suggested bread. I leapt on the idea. I admit, for all my posturing on homemade bread around here, it's been many weeks since we had a homemade loaf. (Like at least 4, since we moved.) We have an awesome sourdough bakery here locally which has solved my problem but it's no good to me now! 

I dug my yeast out of the fridge to make the pizzas, and I have only about three loaves-worth left. Eek. My sourdough starter has died. It takes five days. Better get started. 

Anyway, Adam suggested they bring bread, which they did.




I don't believe I have ever photographed a loaf of bread I didn't make myself. There you go. How good does it look?! 

I've been worrying a bit about toilet paper, just quietly. I'm sure we can figure out an alternative but I don't want it to knock us out if this challenge early. 

Anyway Linda and Matt needed to borrow a car tomorrow, so we offered ours: in exchange for toilet paper!


I'm eyeing off the last hunk of cheddar tonight – how much do I wish I could make cheese?! We don't have a shopping list anymore, but a wish list, and rennet is on it. And yeast.

We're at the end of day four. 

Reckon we'll make it to Easter?



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