Staying at home with small children is so rewarding. 

You get to chill out, drink tea all day, keep an organised house and of course foster happy, fulfilled, self-sufficient children. 

Here is where my children nearly ended up today:
It was all going OK – a morning out, grocery shopping – rest time back at home… when I got a call from work and needed to do an hour or so of bookkeeping from home. Of course that's the universal child code for SHENANIGANS. 

In the middle of another work call Matilda shouts "I NEED TO WEE" over and over until I get up from the computer and high tail it to the bathroom with her. I am JUST SO PROFESSIONAL. 

I made a delicious prawn curry with rice for dinner but felt a bit broken by 6pm so when Henry insisted on eating only a bowl of rice and Tilly only a bowl of grated cheese, I gave in.

Yep. Feeling like an awesome mother.

But hey, they're now fed, happy, showered, storied and asleep. Marvellous.

And I'm about to sit down with a big glass of Shiraz and an advance copy of the 2010 IKEA catalogue (Adam got the call "come home now please" and thoughtfully brought one of the 20 copies of the new catalogue in the country for me, as he motored home in record time. Awesome fella.)

And children are so beautiful asleep. Someone once told me that if you've had a rough day, make sure you spend a bit of time admiring them sleeping. I think it revives your maternal energy. And it works. Cherubs.

Now onto that Shiraz…


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