hanging onto Summer

Never thought I'd say it after living through three Brisbane summers but I am clutching onto these last warm Sydney days before Autumn really rolls in.

I went with Henry on Saturday to a birthday party in a park for one of his school friends and it was such a gorgeous warm day, I looked through all the (wonderful) maternity clothes people have given me and everything looked a bit hot (and I'm pretty rotund right now!!)

So I dug out a favourite scarf that had made it's way back to me along with a big bagful of other maternity-wear treats. I had actually hand sewn this scarf up to make a triangular shawl for sister Suze when she was pregnant, so I unpicked it and cut in a neckline and machine hemmed it and here it is – birthday in the park top. 

 Kinda looks a bit like a sack but I reserve the right to wear sacking at this point!

Hanging onto fresh summer dinners before I really hit the soups and stews too – this one used the last tin of tuna in the pantry (if you have any interest in vegetarianism read Eating Animals and I challenge you to ever eat meat again. Not saying I won't ever, just saying can't now.) 

 This was a quick and fresh dinner. Just cooked durum wheat pasta and stirred through cherry tomatoes, small pieces chopped cream cheese, olives, fresh coriander, sliced spring onion, flaked tuna and the juice of one lemon.

 Sprinkled with fresh grated parmesan.

The kids loved it (but they are kinda freaks about anything with olives in it.)

Hope you're having a wonderful week whatever your weather.


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