hanging out



Yesterday, in amongst many hours of Bikkie baking for a twilight market tonight, Tilly asked whether she could hang out with me. 

I said, yes of course, and continued doing what I was doing. She said: no Mum, I mean just you and me. You always say yes and then we never do anything. Ne-ver.

I stopped what I was doing. 

It was a critical blow. 

We had an emergency family meeting to figure out who was going where and with whom and Tilly and I went and got icecream.

We sat on the bench at our favourite spot in the cemetery. 





It happens to overlook our family farm.

I've always loved seeing it from way over here. 


We say hello to the family. They're pretty much all here, the ones no longer here. You know. If you're lucky and you happen to be in the cemetary with my Dad he'll tend to lie down in "his" plot just to remind you where it is in case you can't find the paperwork when the time comes. He's very helpful. Yes, thank you Dad.

It was windy and we were getting our heads blown off so we went to a park we've never been to (in this tiny town, how is that possible?!)

We had it to ourselves. (In the summer holidays. No one else knows it's there either.)


That's gorgeous, baby. It's called lantana and if you see it on the farm you go get Dad and the tractor and you rip it all out, ok? But thanks, that's lovely.





And you know, taking the time off didn't really hurt the market stall. At all. We still got it all done. It was such a joy hanging out with my suddenly five year old. And the market was a sell out. Hooray! I got to meet a totally lovely person called Susan who introduced herself as a blog reader and who I wish I could have talked to for longer (ideally with a cup of tea!) I love meeting friends in unexpected places. 

I got home and discovered I had my dress on inside out. 

All day. Inside out. 

I am the coolest. 

Here's to five year olds who want to hang out with their disasterous mothers. I'm hanging onto it.





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