Happy New Year!

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Here's to you and a celebratory new year, perhaps with time off, and family and good food and maybe sunshine and sand if you're in our part of the world. I wish all good things for you! *clink*

Thanks for dropping in here to visit, I appreciate your company enormously.

We're pretty excited about the new year over here, full of (slightly mental) farm plans and steadfast resolutions. 

Adam's parents gave us a beehive for Christmas (and a beekeeping course.)

Adam and I gave each other a dairy cow. 

It's going to be a fun ride this year. We've soaked up family and friends and the smell of pine Christmas trees and we're ready to rumble. 

I hope you've seen in the new year with a smile, if not, our agricultural fiascos may bring one to your face any minute. 

Happy new year, friends.


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