hat for my fella

Not sure if you saw my first attempt at this little project, here. Not so good. 

So I cast on again, still no idea what gauge means (must look that up) but added more stitches and hoped like heck this one fitted. It does.

 Not bad hey?

If anyone is thinking about using this pattern (it's totally easy and if you figure out the gauge please let me know), I think I cast on about 86 stitches in this yarn which I've had for a hundred years in my largely ignored knitting box, with no label on it so no idea what ply it is or even what exactly it's made of. Part wool, part acrylic I think.  

Ad has a pretty big noggin, (who knew THAT was something you should be checking about when considering reproducing with someone) and this hat actually fits really well. 

And he is incapable of standing still in front of a camera for more than a minute without pulling out Blue Steel. Also something I perhaps should have investigated before the whole reproduction thing. 

Too late. 

 Pretty happy with that hat. 

And because that first attempt will be a newborn baby hat (our newborn baby, aha!) but is not particularly girly, I also knitted this pretty little one:

 Am now officially a dead keen knitter. 


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