head in the biscuits

Adam was talking to me earlier this week and randomly threw the word biscuit into the (one-sided) conversation.

I said "huh?" and he said "aHA! I knew you weren't listening!" 

It's a bit true. I'm all about the biscuit at the moment. 

And so, as I make small inroads into getting our bikkie website up, I'm looking at the draft photos I've taken of some of the bikkies and I think, they are quite lovely looking biscuits if I don't sound too big headed saying so. 

I thought you might like to see them.

Ginger Twirly



Marry Me Caramel



Mouthful of Meringue



Choccy Choc Choc



Short Stuff – orange and lemon shortbread



Visitor Biscuits – choc chunk



In the Doghouse


Yes, I crack myself up. It's very sad. 

I'm missing two of my favourites, the biscotti and the Handsome Jam Sandwich. Will get them tomorrow!

Hope you are having a lovely week, lovely folk. And I apologise if I seem distracted, it's not personal, it's just half sugar crash, half brain overload. Nothing a good strong coffee won't fix. 

(As soon as we're underway here, expect a post on detoxing?!)

Also, anyone know anyone who builds websites? I think I need to outsource!


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