healthy kid-friendly dinners

I heard a five-year old friend say to her mother recently, a very dear friend of mine and dedicated mum, "I just want a dinner I recognise."

We giggled at the time but we both kinda got it. 

Most kids aren't interested in trying new foods and I sometimes find I have to offer something a few times to both Tilly and Henry before they'll accept it as familiar fare. Henry has started referring to food as 'kids food' or 'grown up food' – why, I have no idea as we eat together as a family, the same foods. 

Anyway, one of my new year's resolutions is to increase the nutritional value of some of the recognisable foods that kids will usually tuck into with no arguments.

First up: Tuna Mornay.


TUNA MORNAY (with chickpeas!)


1.5 cups brown rice

1 onion, finely diced

1 420g tin of chickpeas

juice of 1 lemon

1/2 head of broccoli

2 tblsp plain flour

2 cups whole milk

1 425g tin tuna 

1 salt, pepper

approx 1 cup grated cheese


Cook the brown rice (I use the absorption method, works every time.)

In a heavy based pan cook the onion in a little olive oil.

While it is browning, throw the chickpeas into your food processor with the lemon juice and whizz. 

Steam your broccoli in florets (I use a microwave steamer – it takes 5 minutes) and add ot the chickpeas and whizz again.

To the now-browned onion add the flour and stir. Cook on low heat for a few minutes. Then add 2 cups of milk and cook for another 2-3 mins. It will thicken up to coat a spoon. Stir in the tin of drained tuna. Now add your chickpea and broccoli mix and stir well. Add more milk if it is too thick.

Season well and add in your cheese – I use Nimbin Natural Elbo style vegetarian cheese – no animal rennet and it has really low sodium.

Gosh this is nice.

A note about FOOD PROCESSORS -> I use one that Adam bought me for Christmas a hundred years ago but is still awesome. I think the secret is (and we fluked it) to have a processor that stores easily and washes really easily, otherwise you don't want to get it out and use it. 

P.S. This is yummy the next day for lunch too!


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