hello home




It's super fantastic to get home again after a few days away, right? I love it.

Inspecting the sourdough starter to see if it survived me forgetting to put it in the fridge. (It did. Freaky organism.)

Inspecting the kefir to see if it survived the same thing. (It didn't. Luckily I gave some away to friends, I'm assuming at least one of them have kept it alive!) 

Picking bucketfuls of gorgeous basil and turning it into jars and jars of pesto for the freezer. 




Playing, endlessly, on Tilly's Christmas flying fox, installed by Dad and Adam, complete with sensible tyre brake at the end and extended wire on the other end to support the tree and reduce its bending. So practical. 








And getting terribly excited about radishes. RADISHES!!! Mmmmmm. Fresh picked, with a bit of butter and sea salt. So incredibly delicious. They seem to grow very well here, I pulled most of them out because they'd started to split, I'm planning to pickle them? Can you pickle radishes? And I planted more immediately! We had a babysitter last night, and friends staying for the weekend, and there I was at five to six, having delivered the kids dinner upstairs, everyone else is doing makeup or generally being ready to go, and there I am madly planting radish seeds. Frantically doing a quick water. Scrubbing my nails to try and get the soil out from under them. Bugger the makeup, growing stuff from seed is some kind of magic. 




Thanks for all the great spinach ideas, it's next! Hello spanokopita! Spinach soup! Impossible pie! Any thought on radishes?!


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