Hello, Spring

We're busy growing a few things round here (other than various small people)…






I had a substantial vegie garden in Brisbane that my dear freind Catriona helped me dig out and that I was terribly proud of. 

I planted a very hearty selection of vegies which thrived for about a month and I felt generations of farmer genes zinging in my bones as I peered and inspected and watered and fertilised. 

Then on one warm night some small hungry marsupial ate the lot. The whole damn garden. Hope he had a rotten tummyache. All those new sweet vegies. Wee bugger. 

I was so disheartened and spring turns into a burning hot summer very quickly in Queensland; I didn't start again and by New Year we were heading back to Sydney.

Let's see what hardcore wee furries we have around here, shall we? 

In other news, I've pretty much fallen off the wagon with my Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I've finished two things and will save up a full report for the end of the weekend. I'm hoping to make up some time tomorrow, Friday, if Tilly naps, and then might sneak in a bit of sewing over the weekend!

This skirt, below, I was very happy with though! More later…



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