Over here we are:

~ Hosting a pirate, bent on the elimination of foxes and the discovery of a buried cache of potato chips. (Gold schmold, the boy would sail seven seas for a chip.)



~ Hosting a laying goose! Our nearest neighbours have three gorgeous geese, and the two females appear to be broody! One started laying a few weeks ago (we were looking after them and, I'm embarrassed to admit, ate one of the eggs because she wasn't sitting on it and didn't lay any more for almost a week. Dufus heads.)

We cottoned on when she lay a few more. Apparently they don't sit on them until there's a good clutch and they're close to hatching.

Anyway, the second female has now started laying, next to our front steps! Adam built her a nest from hay, and she's up to two. Go, goosey!


~ Hosting some special cousins, visiting for the day from Sydney. They helped with egg gathering and tomato picking…






… and some general aunt-heart-melting

Oh my, that small sweet smelling nephew. Truly, would you LOOK at that wee face?!? Would Adam notice just one more little tiny one? Er, yes he would. Repeat after me Fiona, NO MORE BABIES! 


~ Hosting such freakishly warm weather down here that we're playing at the beach! In the middle of winter!



~ Hosting plans to increase our flock again, in fact, more than double it, from 8 to 20! 

Have I told you how much I love my hens?

(And for the record, White Leghorns: still an egg per hen per day, right through winter so far. They are terrific layers. Perhaps a bit flighty, but they're hens, not pets. The kids have dogs they can cuddle.)


 Love my hens. 



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