high chai


Hello! Back in August I sent out a call for chai recipes here – noting my devotedness to the drink and hoping to be flooded with fabulous recipes (aka brownies, for which I have more recipes than I'll ever be able to cook. Or eat.)

Surprisingly (to me) you lot aren't as enamoured of chai as I am. 

In fact, I got only one recipe back. LUCKY, it was perfect. 

It was from my sister Naomi who lives in Germany, and she got it from her guy at the Asian supermarket in Oberursel who is actually from Calcutta and therefore knows his chai.

And so he does.

This stuff rocks.




4 Cardamon pods

4 cloves

1/3 cinnamon stick

1 tsp loose tea (ideally Sri Lankan)

2cm small piece of fresh ginger

2/3 cup milk

2/3 cup water


Bash cardamon and cloves together, in a mortar and pestle if you have one or with a rolling pin or tin of baked beans if you don't.

Put cardamon, cloves and the cinnamon into the saucepan with the tea, the ginger (also bashed up) and then the water and milk. Simmer on low for about half and hour then strain and drink. Personally I think it needs a teaspoon of sugar at the end too but I don't know if that's legit. A bit soulless without the sugar.

So that's one more item off my 20 New Things list which is still dreadfully FULL given I'm s'posed to have completed it by the end of this month…

Well, let's give the rest of them a red hot go, shall we?


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