highlights of a Friday

~ Hanging out with a decisive three year old:

Me: Tilds, you can't just wear leggings, they're kinda for going underneath stuff.

Tilly: I'm wearing these. 

Me: Tilds, do you really need to bring your precious Wiggles bag of animals with you? 

Tilly: Yes, yes I do.

~ Local library action


~ The library finally getting in the Primo Levi book I've had on hold 

~ Running a stick along a metal fence

~ Cutting, glueing, colouring action

~ Hanging a finally-framed print that I love love love, from here


~ Tidying up the pantry (nesting??)… I have a bit left to do though, this (above) is actually only a quarter of the space (I'm very lucky – big pantry). See below – 4 cupboards? One down, anyway.



~ Stove-popped popcorn for afternoon tea. The kids have theirs nude, I admit to adding butter and salt. Mmmmm.

~ Friday night dessert night: kick arse homemade icecream which I'll blog the recipe for next week!

~ A successful pumpkin and pea risotto that was gobbled up by everyone. Not even a morsel left to freeze. (You might be wondering at the May menu and absence of leftovers? You should see my freezer.)

~ Another semi-regular Friday treat: An after dinner DVD! The whole family watched the original Disney Snow White tonight. Very cool. The kids were laughing out loud. 

~ Weekend is here. 

Hope you have a wonderful one, wonderful people. 


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