home sweet home

We lived in Brisbane until recently and our Brisbane house has just listed for sale, which was a big call because we loved it and if we ever move back it would have been nice to go back to it. 

But Sydney being Sydney and all that, it seems sensible to let it go. 

The kids and I were looking at the advertising for the house online and afterwards had a skate around some old photos of our time there (we were there three lovely years.)

These were some of our favourites:

Illicit hose play

Hose play in the backyard

Backyard watering

Cools you down!

From Nin 084

There was so much outside play! And there's my herb garden at the back door.

The world exists to amuse me

Playing playdough in our kitchen. It was a very sunny house. 

The ringtail we tried to relocate from front tree

The ringtail who lived in a tree in the front yard!

Anyone want to move to Brisbane?


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