how do you eat your porridge?

1. All year round but most enthusiastically in Winter. 

2. Made with proper oats, not whatever those 'quick oats' are, and cooked on the stove. 

3. With milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar, how my Mum used to make it.

4. With my girls, as the boys in the family screw up their noses and tuck into fruit salad. Weirdos.


Hello from the trenches, cannot report flawless success to date with the whole sleeping through thingo, all three children up last night for various reasons. Fabulous. Hoping for better luck tonight. Or I may move out. Just kidding honey, really. Maybe just as far as the doghouse. Those pups sleep beautifully, and they sleep in till 8 a.m.! 

At least in the morning there's porridge. (And coffee.)



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