how not to cook lamingtons

It's Australia Day here today. For about a year Henry has constantly asked (when eating just about anything), 'is this Australian food? Can we eat it on Australia Day?'

I woke up with other things to do today but how could I not make lamingtons? Never made them before. Not only quintessentially Aussie, but country Aussie too. Am now (surely) aspiring country show entrant, so MUST make award-winning lamingtons!

I used this recipe. 

Not sure what I did wrong. 

But the resulting cake uncannily resembled a wettex.

Nothing like a cooking failure to wreck my mood. I dove straight back in though, and mixed up a batch using a recipe from this week's Good Living (in the Sydney Morning Herald.)

It was looking pretty good, although I wondered a bit about the "pour into pan" instruction as I spooned it in and smoothed it down. It was only once it had been in the oven for ten minutes that I remembered the eggs. Four of them. On the bench, not in the cake. 


Dear me. Two failures, one after the other. 

Adam said something encouraging like, how 'bout pavlova? It's idiot-proof, right? then got a slightly shocked look about him as he backed slowly out of the kitchen. 

Good Living had also printed a recipe for pavlova. Using four eggs. Which I had! (No butter left though – used my whole weeks' butter budget in two cakes I probably can't even use for trifle. Pfft.)

When it was cooling in the oven we packed up and went for a bit of an explore and onto the beach for an early dinner. Cooked by someone else.



For dessert:


And because I obviously should have handed the apron over today, I managed to beat the cream on top almost to butter. Am a culinary genius. 

A third attempt at lamingtons coming soon. 

Happy Australia Day! Did you make anything/eat anything special? 

And do you have a trusted lamington recipe I could have? Please?!


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