How on day 2 of being sugar-free I spent all day baking biscuits



Luckily, I have other taste-testers. 

Also, none of what I baked today was experimental – it was all standard Buena Vista Farm Bikkie stock, I know what they taste like!! Just to be sure though, my Dad and Adam checked them.

A friend said to me tonight how strange for the bikkie-maker to be on a sugar-strike and not tasting her product. Yep, hence the sugar-strike! TOO MUCH TASTING!! 

Besides, I love a challenge. And in case I haven't been clear enough, this is a serious challenge for me. I have to put my heart and soul into this: I am seriously addicted to sugar. If you've checked out Sarah Wilson, I'm sure you'll agree she's awesome, but she was essentially quitting fruit and some squares of dark chocolate after lunch. She was a health guru before she started. (Not to detract from the results. Or her encouraging method.) 

Sugar followed me whereever I went, even before I started a biscuit business. Honey on toast for breakfast. A sweet treat at morning teatime. A pick me up after lunch. A pick me up late afternoon. A bikkie, a bite of chocolate, a cupcake I'd made with the kids. And then a I'm-tired-I've-worked-hard-I deserve-this treat after dinner. Some delicious homemade custard. A biscotti and a hot chocolate. Sometimes icecream. Fruit is the least of my fructose concerns.

Anyway, hand on heart, I spent an entire day surrounded by (delicious! ha!) biscuits and did not pick up even a crumb with a forefinger. Truly. I'm very proud of myself.

I made avocado on organic corn thins for lunch with sea salt and pepper. YUM.




I drank lots of water and had cheese and crackers for afternoon tea. 

And Sarah's suggestion of (real) chai made on milk is genius. It perfectly fills the gap.

I'm a disasterously impatient person and thought I'd feel better today. I don't. I feel vague and like I'm missing something. 

But as agreed with a very dear friend of mine who has Menieres disease and who can have no salt whatsoever: giving up sugar is easier than giving up all salt. I think. You? 

And for the record, I am a very messy cook. I have a lovely person who works with me some days who keeps me tidy. She wasn't there today!




I love love love the commercial kitchen.

On the agenda: a sugar-free bikkie. 

Of course.


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