how potatoes grow


These have been popping up in the paddocks this week. I have two areas of spuds planted – one small paddock next to the house and a long row in the new organic market garden (where I put in purple congos after getting great potato feedback after this post!)

It's been warm here, very warm for early September, and now we've got some rain. Perfect. 

But these green leaves are also popping up in my house garlic patch! It's the raised bed I grew spuds in last year. They grew so well in there, and obviously I've left some behind. I've been pulling them out of the garlic for weeks. 




I pulled this one out today and I thought it was such a beautiful example of how a potato grows! You can see the new potato at the end of one long white root, and you can see the other potatoes beginning to form at the end of the other roots. It's like magic! One potato plant can produce around ten potatoes!

I'm such a terrible garden geek. Best part of my day so far today was planting some herbs in pots close to the house, while it rained softly. The girls jumped in puddles with umbrellas and followed me around with the wheelbarrow.

You? Garden geek? Do you ever look at your hands at the bakery or the bank and realise you have dirt all through your fingernails?


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