hurrying along


The scary but lovely needle-lady we met last week said to me that the one thing she wished she could do was stop hurrying her daughter everywhere.

So true. Some days I feel like I'm hauling two small people in and out of the car, around the supermarket, in and out of the bathroom, through breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks; hurry up hurry up hurry up.

I think that's why I loved camping so much. Above: Tilly investigating rocks while I sat on the path and watched. For ages. There was no phone reception. Adam had taken Henry off with the older kids to find a suspension bridge. Some of the group were off 4WD-ing around the property and others were involved in a serious scrabble game at the campsite.

We were in the middle of nowhere with nothing more pressing to do than investigate rocks. Marvellous. Must do more of it.

There is a whole thing now called slow parenting which I keep meaning to read more about (but have been too busy being a 'hyper parent' apparently). I like the idea. Can anyone (in the real world) actually make this work?

Love to know what you think.


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