i can’t believe he’s FIVE


Five years old today.

My little H-Bomb. Henry Bean. 

The little dude who adores anything with a screen. Who adores trickiness; just joking Mum. Who's favourite foods are olives and tomatoes and pickles and crackers and "grown up cheese" (brie.) 

Who didn't walk at all until he was two and now hops down the street on one leg. 

The fella who loves cooking and hates colouring in. The one who phones his grandparents regularly and when he runs out of steam at the end of the day just wants a cup of warm milk. 

The little guy who doesn't like dogs but adores cats, most of all the neighbour's cat, Cow. Who'll do handstands for a jellybean but doesn't do biscuits.

The boy who makes me so frustrated and so proud and who made me a Mum. 

Happy birthday baby boy. Glad to be hanging out with you in the world.



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