I wonder what Burke’s Backyard looks like

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Probably not like this.

  garden mapped out with string


It’s all very well intentioned. There’s a plan, I’m sure.

My man with a plan is very easy to buy and make gifts for. For me, I think he’s the easiest. He’s outdoorsy but likes reading, he’s a foodie and has eclectic music tastes. He’s a cinch. Plus he adores magazines. Loves a subscription or two (and I love the fact he reads everything from Choice to Country Style, Men’s Health and interior design mags.)

For someone up to their eyeballs in gardening, outdoor lifestyle and now pet health, a Burke’s Backyard subscription is a good one. Kinda has it all.

Some blokes are not so easy. My Dad, I find a bit harder to buy and make for.

Unless I’m the first in the family to bags a motoring magazine subscription for him, and it’s never me. Both my sisters are way more organised and always get in first.

Dad is a car man. Loves to drive. Used to race Triumphs, a TR3 and TR5, very cute little white sportscars.

I’ve always loved driving with Dad. We used to have long family drives on Sunday afternoons in our orange Combi van. Family holidays on the road driving through NSW down to South Australia to visit cousins. Adam and I and my sister Naomi even had a driving holiday across Scotland and Ireland with Mum and Dad about fourteen years ago when we were living in London.

Dad behind the wheel of a European hire car. Fantastic fun.

So it might be a bit obvious, but if I’m stuck for a gift, let’s say, for Father’s Day (September 4 this year in Australia) a wheels-related magazine subscription for Dad always goes down well. In fact my sisters and brother and I usually coordinate so Dad doesn’t get a double up.

Dear family: I bags the magazine subscription this year OK?!

If you remember, it was Dad who came and towed me out of the flooded river in April, so maybe the 4×4 magazine this year?!

Sorted, then. That’s one less thing to worry about.  Back to foxes and roosters.


P.S. If you subscribe or renew for yourself; or dive in for Father’s day and purchase the old fella a gift subscription to any of Magshop’s titles, you could win a Volkswagen Golf Wagon 118TSI Comfortline valued at over $40,000! Check out the Father’s Day promotion page for discount pricing and competition details! 

P.P.S Now tell me, gardening gurus, does this look like a winter bed being turned over with dolomite, or something else altogether?!

Adam's garden that looks like a grave




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