imagine a world with no classic movies

And that, my friends, is apparently the world my husband lives in. 

*a moment of disbelieving silence*

Not sure how it came up. Actually I think he was reading The Wizard of Oz (Golden Book version) to the kids. And he said he'd never seen the movie. 

Or any 'old' movies. 

When pressed, turns out this means he hasn't seen Gone With The Wind either. Or Casablanca. Or Singing in the Rain. Or It's a Wonderful Life. Or My Fair Lady. 

He's just never chosen to watch an old film. (Also: how he got this far with me, without one, escapes me.)

So I have a plan, folks. (Because he's not adverse to the idea of classic film. He's just never seen one.

Yes I'm repeating myself. 

I'm still in shock.)

It's his birthday in three weeks and guess what I'm planning to give him. 

Shall we limit it to the top 10? 

So I need your help. What are they – the top 10 classic movies? Other than those listed – should we introduce Rodgers and Hammerstein (aka Oklahoma) or go easy on him? 

What are your favourites?


Come ON. Wizard of Oz? Who's never seen the Wizard of Oz?!?

So, your help. Please. I'll make the popcorn.


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