Imagine eating your first ever piece of chocolate cake. Or baked cheesecake.

Imagine biting into your first crunchy juicy sweet apple. 

Imagine your first ever sip of summer strawberry smoothie, rich with creamy yoghurt and bursting with fruit.

It's on for young and old here.

The final small member of our little family has started eating. (Organic baby rice and a little bit of avocado at this stage, but from little things… you know!) Very exciting.





I remember tasting apple-pie-icecream when I was about eight. It was the first time I'd had icecream with stuff in it – not just a straight flavour but a whole idea. That was awesome. I remember caramel from our neighbour when I was even younger, it had a lasting impact. That chewy, sweet, caramely goodness. I remember my first avocado. On a picnic on our front lawn with my Mum. 

What about you? More to the point, what would be fabulous to taste for the first time? A killer espresso brownie? Perfect brulee?



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