in their element

Adam's mother, who overturns every stereotype of mother-in-law by being completely awesome, has a thing about finding photos of people she loves in their element

We take so many photos these days, right? 

On our phones, we email them, keep them, forget to file them.

Among all the snaps, do you have any of you doing exactly the thing you love the most?

I have one, somewhere, don't know where, on a backup somewhere I think, that Adam took of me years and years ago, wearing some long dark green velvet dress, in my kitchen, reading a medieval recipe book in translation. 

That kinda qualifies.

I have one of Adam which I took on Paros in the Greek Islands when we were travelling (about a hundred years and two lifetimes ago). He's riding a vespa, suntanned and squinting into the sun, parked on a hill with the Aegean sea behind him. I love that photo. 

So I have a new project. Taking photos of people in their element. 

Please join in. If you have an elemental photo, I'd love to see it.


Tilly (4), sixth generation farmer.



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