in which a goose breaks my heart


Oh lovely goosey. 

So serene as she sat on her three eggs. 

Honking ferociously at anyone coming or going via the front door. 

She would sit there all day then cover the eggs up with straw and go home (to next door) for the night.

'Cept yesterday I came out in the morning and far out was there a kerfuffle. I looked over the verandah, and there she was, scrabbling around in that dreadfully exposed nest, looking for her eggs. Gone. She upturned all the straw and pecked all around the area. Really gone. 

No broken shells, just all three eggs vanished. 

Poor thwarted mama. 

Apparently when the other female goose from next door laid her eggs near their back door, our neighbour tried to move the nest into the safety of their roost. She ignored it and started laying more eggs near the back door. So our neighbour (a builder) built a coop around her. 

I feel dreadful about that poor animal searching for her eggs. Adam keeps reminding me she's not even our goose, but she chose that spot, it seemed sunny and lovely, just unfortunately well placed for a predator to enjoy some eggs for dinner. What carries off a massive goose egg? or three?

She's started laying in a new nest next door. (Around which she just might get her own coop too.)

They sometimes have geese at the Shoalhaven Poultry auction, that's where these three next door came from. November will be here before we know it, we should go!

Lovely insane hissing and honking creatures. I love them.




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