for this good food


I'm pretty good with dinner. I usually make it myself, the majority of people at the table eat it, and we mix it up. With the exception of Saturday pizza movie night on which the kids have what they call "plain" (homemade) pizza every week. And we have a grownup version. 

Sometimes though, I'm without a meal plan and I find myself staring forlornly at the fridge or pantry. 

It's always those days that I visit a friend and their amazing-smelling dinner is cooked at 2pm and cooling in the fridge. I've never been able to cook dinner at lunchtime. It used to be that I was working, and more recently I have no idea what I'm doing but it's not cooking dinner in the middle of the day. You? 

Last week I was walking with a friend at 5pm, she has four kids, and neither of us had made dinner. I asked her what they were having. Burritos. 

I never think to make burritos. 

I had mince in the freezer and flatbread in the bread box. The perfect quick and easy kid-friendly dinner.







Avocado optional.


What's your quick fallback family dinner ideas? I'm starting a list!


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