What would your thoughts be if your scallywag middle child woke you up in the morning asking for the dustpan and brush? 

With any experience of my particualr scallywag you'd most likely wake right up and ask more clearly than you felt: what for? 

To which the scallywag would state that she didn't want long hair any more and was also Doing Some Craft. 

Cue waking right up enough to turn the light on to inspect the damage.

We got off lightly. 

I've seen fringes (er, my own) much worse than this. 

Just some chunks off the side and out of the back. 

But quite determined she did not want the planned-on talked-about Rapunzel locks any more. 

Hair art


And so, the second 'can you fix this?' visit to the hairdressers for this family in two weeks (er, earlier one may have been to fix a dreadful fringe cut I gave myself. I know. It's genetic. That's enough out of you.)

Cut it short please

Like my brothers


Life with this smallie is a ride, that's for sure. She lives right at the very edges of her skin and pushes me to mine. Crazy as a coconut. Takes after her father.



I think it suits her. 

Suits her

Ever cut your own hair? Got a head shaving story from uni? (I do.) A dreadful habit of snipping split ends? It's not really just me is it?



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