Happy New Year!

"Inner Pickle "

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Cool hey? Finally into the twenties. I was confused by the two-thousand-and-nine business, I fully expected twenty-oh-one and it never happened. So here we are. Twenty-ten. Going to be marvellous, I can feel it. 

Started super well with New Year's Eve baby-sitters (thanks Jim and Jen!) and a gorgeous night out at friends'. With a water view. Blessed.

I have to admit a degree of relief that the Christmas-New Year holiday rush is over, the kids and I spent the day at home today, uninterrupted, sorting out toys, tidying boxes, extracting the cars from the dolls house etc. (Much more fun than it sounds.)

I just wanted to take this chance to say thanks for coming this far with me – when I started this wee blog last year I really wasn't sure if anyone except Mum and my sisters would read it, and whether I'd still be posting by year's end. 

Writing Inner Pickle turned out to be the biggest surprise of 2009, well not quite the biggest but more on that shortly. I had no idea how much pure joy I would get from hanging out here, with you. 

Thank you SO MUCH for your comments, your emails, and your lovely lovely feedback. It has meant the world to me and I really hope you'll stay with me through twenty-ten because I am loving your company.

I hope this year brings you your heart's desires. 

It's an 'even' year. They are always better than the odd ones. 

Cheers to you with a happy champagne clink.


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