inspired by…

… neighbours



… neighbours' kids



… first steps, and then suddenly there's more walking than crawling!


… sourdough. Brought over to us by a friend, in time for breakfast. Made from a batch of my own starter which I gave them last time they were here for lunch. And just the encouragement I needed to begin a new starter (mine smells really alcoholic) and make a return to sourdough after a few weeks of good old punched-down yeasted bread. (For the record, this loaf was better than any I have yet made. Also for the record, my friend Greg used to be a chef and has a gift for bread!!)


…also: Joel Salatin

I sat in the second row of a film (The Greenhorns) introduced by the great man himself, this week. Yes, I had my camera. No, I didn't take any photos! Too shy! And too busy listening to every word the man said, every one of which made such sense. Very impressive, inspiring, innovative and exhorted us to take more risks, challenge the rules which tend to kneecap small producers. 

Hands up who wants to be a farmer?!



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