it doesn’t always work

I'm pretty lucky. At least I've always felt lucky. 

Stuff does mostly work. 

But in case you were getting the irrits cruising by here with the sweet children and the glorious family farm and the caramel that just seems to work, I'm here to tell you it doesn't always.

Here is a banana loaf I made last week. 


Filed in the recipe index under dreadful. (Also diabolical.)


Here's a pretty photo I took of Tilly.

Snapped exactly one second before she slipped off backwards and banged her bum of the edge of the pavers. As I mopped her up, she sobbed at me, 'you didn't catch me because you were taking a photo!'


And look. A handmade pair of pajama pants and (bought) singlet carefully embroidered with a matching scrap of fabric, for a six year old friend's birthday. And they don't fit. Not a bit. 

(Nonetheless we can fix this! As I will, later this week.)


And there I was with PERFECT light and how good are my photos? 

Am a regular Annie Leibovitz.


Oh the skill.



And with that lovely falling light, that's it. 


Something that does usually work is grilled cheese on toast.

Second dinner, anyone?


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