It’s always a good day…

…when you invent a biscuit! With peanut butter in it!

Except my damn camera is out of batteries and it's such a crappy old thing it only takes AA batteries (no charger) so I'll blog my bikkies another day.

I'm playing around with my blog template, please bear with me. Fonts are likely to change before your eyes as I tend to make live changes rather than in preview. Live on the edge, and all that.

Hope you all had a marvellous day. The kids are both in bed asleep or were until I heard an enormous crashing noise while on the phone to Mum about half an hour ago and it was Henry spectacularly falling out of bed. Sounded like a stage dive. Peeled him off the floor and sang two songs and all's quiet.


I love this time of night. 

(I'm so not a morning person.)


One Comment on “It’s always a good day…

Suzie B
August 27, 2009 at 8:50 pm

LOL. I am a morning person and I adore any time after 7.30 at night- its peaceful and there’s noone yabbering at me… what’s not to love?! I stay up later than I should just to soak in the peace, in the hope it will last through the storm of the next day.


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