it’s blowing a gale

and so we are;


rugging up,


hoping the washing doesn't get shredded,


repeatedly replacing the lid on the worm farm,


netting my winter tomatoes and sitting here tonight listening to the howling wind, hoping they're still in the ground tomorrow,



picking the mandarins (as high as we can reach) before they blow away,

watching the fellas carve up the big gumtree with a chainsaw: the 15 metre high gum that blew over on the fence not the house (oh good) and will make excellent firewood next year,

hoping the two new chickens I brought home from a friend's crowded coop this afternoon are being made welcome in our nesting room! (Adam went and checked them, they seem happy),

wondering where the volunteer rural bush fire brigade is out doing their training tonight and hoping Adman is wearing a beanie and warm socks,

leaving him a message for when he gets back tonight to tell him he's meeting a mate down the hill early in the morning to retrieve their wind-blown trampoline out of the creek,

hoping ours is still in our yard tomorrow morning,

trying not to worry about big trees near the house in the wind,

grateful for warm tea and solid brick walls and a good fire and lots of firewood. 

And mandarins.





Man I wish I had a wind turbine in my yard.

Hope your week is breezing by nicely.


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