last days of preschool

Preschool is so interesting to me because it's such an amazing chance to see a kid in a social context of peers. It's very different than one on one friends play sessions. I love it. 

I love watching Henry follow directions and participate and cooperate. 

Such a novelty. (Love him, love his special Henry-world peopled with imaginary friends who live in his foot and giant robots who love conversation. I'd be distracted if I were him, too.)

Anyway, yesterday was his last day of preschool. Very cool. Bit of a lunch, bit of a sing, bit of a presentation. Hooray. 

There is a lot of lasts right now. I got very teary at our final Lifestart session last week. Lifestart was Henry's Early Intervention program, he did a prep for school class there all year on Wednesday mornings and the special educators there have been instrumental in getting him to where he is today: good to go into a mainstream school. 

His preschool experience has also been formative and fabulous, and I'm so glad he's been there all year. 

Next stop: school! (Next February.)

So here is a stand-up cheers to wonderful early childhood education and hardworking teachers and carers who help us look after our precious wee things before we introduce them to the kindergarten melee.

I am so proud of my little dude. And so looking forward to this Christmas break. Our tree is up and the lights are on. I have my pudding and Christmas cake recipes ready to go (thanks Alex!) and the jollyness of the season is descending in spades. Tis the season, hooray hooray!



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