little lamb

I missed a call a couple of weeks ago from a friend. I was in Sydney, my phone was on silent, I was very busy sleeping in. 

She sent a text later in the day saying the lamb had found a home, no worries. 

As quick as I could I went back and listened to her voicemail.

Early that morning a ewe had had twins. And had rejected one of them. Seriously rejected him. Was head-butting him into the ground, trying to get rid of him. Full on, hey? 

And so a rescue mission ensued: who could take on a newborn lamb? Someone with space. And time. A weeny lamb is a lot like a newborn in terms of feeding. 

A friend down the road here, Vanessa, took him in. 

And we got to meet him last week.


The photos aren't great, I got my camera out and discovered a flat battery. These were all taken on my iPhone. 

And I was not a good enough photographer to capture his wiggly waggly tail. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen.



A black lamb! I expected a white lamb, don't know why, Vanessa's other sheep are all different colours, she has a gorgeous mixed flock!


His name is Lucky.



He was just about the cutest thing ever.



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