Joining in with Soulemama.

Simply ten good things, right now.


1. A new yarn and fabric shop, here! In my little town! Right across the road from the park. Which means you might be able to leave fella and smallies for long enough to buy yarn and unecessary yet gorgeous bamboo needles. I pride myself on being all unconsumerish but find myself elated at these purchases. Am terribly shallow at heart.



2. Tea time, with a favourite pot which I've had for almost twenty years and a favourite mug, a gift for my last birthday from Adam's parents. 


3. Secretly cracking the cooking chocolate with my four year old. Shhh!



4. Soon-to-be-grapes on the vine. 


5. Hoop houses busting out spring veg.


6. Pigs in mud.



7. Soil! Imagine what those snouts and hooves will be able to do with the acre of coffee paddock we're going to move them to shortly! And what goodness we can plant in the vacated pig pen!


8. Wild irises growing next to the pig paddock.

9. Prodigal hens.



10. My Nan's all time favourite song. (Bear with the introduction! It takes 2 minutes.)


When things feel grim, it's up to us to choose how we react. There's no point in going under, is there. Some people would recommend a very wholesome diet, which I concur with except I also endorse the inclusion of sugar. Particularly, custard. I find it brightens up a difficult day without exception. 

Maybe it's some fabulously shallow retail therapy. Or dirt. Or a particular family song, sung so often throughout your childhood that it becomes integral with memories of particular people (the thought of whom cheer you up.)

For me, it's also talking to you. 

Being right here brings me happiness. 

Thank you so much for being on the other side of this computer. It's because you are here that I choose to think of ten good things. And suddenly find I have so many more than ten.




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