looking up

Well the BEST news of the week has to be that I found a (traumatised) Isa Brown hiding deep in an enormous bramble bush yesterday. She was very stuck. I put on gloves and with a saw and an axe (and a baby in a backpack!) I got her out. Hooray!

And in other spectacular news at exactly 2.45pm today my last missing Isa Brown wandered home. Who knows where she's been. She looked hungry. 

Which means my dog actually only killed the two that I found. GOOD news, hey?! (It's all relative.)

In other excellent news, I made the Easy Slice again. 

I made it for a gathering of kids, so I left out the nuts. And used Nice biscuits as instructed. Also put the butter in the bottom of the pan as suggested. Basically followed the recipe. I know. MIRACLE. And who knew, it really works. 




Oh my goodness this is a dangerous slice. 



It takes precisely five minutes to make and is pathologically more-ish. I in no way take responsibilty for your inability to give the slice away. 

So after delivering this (much improved) version of the slice and finally finding my kitchen bench for the first time this week under dishes and debris, Ivy had a nap and I found myself unrequired. Tilly at preschool. Henry at a kids holiday program at church. How about that then. 

So instead of folding washing or cleaning the bathroom or cooking dinner ahead of time or anything sensible, I took a favourite baby shirt and cut out a pattern.




And after cutting up one old baby wrap, we have this:





No it doesn't really fit. 

I'm not really a very good sewer, and I don't know what made me think freestyle was the way to go. 



Before I cut up the next baby wrap I might find a pattern.



It was such a glorious wrap though, as I was talking on the phone to my Mum I cut up all the remnants into "rags" – remember those?



Did your Mum ever do this to your hair to give you curls?



And low and behold, it doesn't fit the baby but it fits the four year old. Who was formerly known as Tilly but has been instructing everyone this week to call her Charlie. No, no reason.



She immediately declared she was the rainbow fairy.

Which she is. That marvellous Charlie. 




And did I ever precisely suggest you give the whole entire slice away?

That little end-y bit in the fridge will improve anyone's day. 

Things are looking up.


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