love where you live


We have a lot of frogs in this house. 

I know, what with the whole spider thing, it sounds like we don't actually have a roof. We do, we just also seem to have a lot of nature. Like, inside. 

I have (of course) googled whether frogs eat spiders. They do. Awesome. I loved them before, and now I'm figuring out how to set up a frog breeding program in my laundry. Wonderful wee blighters. 

This one the kids found on the trampoline, getting a bit more jump than he bargained for. The ones we're finding inside are paler. Truly gorgeous though, I really love frogs. 

Adam, a.k.a. the greenie, has always welcomed frogs in our house as a sign of a healthy eco-system. 



Kind of nice, right? A little hopping reminder that your internal eco-system is functioning properly. 

A good place to be. If you love where you live I reckon you're well on the way to some genuine happiness. 

I hope your place feels like that too. 

If you've got a blog and you feel like posting something about loving where you live, please leave your link, I'd love to visit. Otherwise, tell us! Tell us something about your place that you love!


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