Love your neighbour

Day 22 and we're powering on. We fed our weekend visitors well, they contributed perfect complements to our provisions and ate homemade rice balls, pizzas, delicious rooster soup with navy beans and lots of sourdough. I've made a dishwasher powder from borax, washing soda and bicarb. The citric acid I thought I had apparently got tossed out in the last move, so hopefully it wasn't an essential ingredient.

But really, we would never have made it this far (without a vegetable garden) without friends and neighbours.  

I'm super lucky, all my life I've been blessed with amazing neighbours. 

When I was little, before Grandma moved off the farm and we moved onto it, we had a next-door neighbour in town called Mr Emery who we really liked. And we liked his cat. Next door to him was Mr and Mrs Deasey, Mrs Deasey brought us this chewy caramel on trays. We really liked her. 

The Deaseys moved away and Mr Emery moved next door into their house, and into his house moved a florist. I thought this was awesome. She let me wind green tape around wired chrysanthemums on Mother's Day.

Adam and I together have had gorgeous neighbours. Our Sydney neighbours then our Gerringong neighbours before we moved to the farm, all life-long friends. 

So we weren't really expecting more awesome neighbours. 

Lucky star, maybe?

These neighbours invited us in for hot cross buns at Easter, right when we had none due to a chronic game-induced yeast shortage. Yum. Then they traded their yeast for pork chops. 

And they took us for a little afternoon fly.








Over our farm and theirs, and down the coast a bit.













You know, I know he loves me, but I'd never be silly enough to go into competition with the chopper. That's one happy Adman.




Thanks Lee, that was great fun.



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