Make your own UNBELIEVABLE icecream


Did you think it was safe to drop by here on a Tuesday?!

It's not a slice of Wednesday day. It's not even Friday night dessert night! It'll be OK. She might just post a photo of a goose. 




Now let's talk for just a minute. We are all about healthy eating over here. Truly. Truly rooly. 

It's all homemade organic meusli and healthy light sandwiches and lean protein salads. Mostly.

'Cept on Wednesdays, but I have explained I give the slices away. And you could too, I'm not intending to torture you here. 

But after the week I've had (did you really say it's only Tuesday?) WHAT is a girl to do except have half a minute after dinner, after bathtime storytime teethtime bedtime, to sit and enjoy a small scoop of something awesome. 

You can buy icecream. Yeah I know. But THIS STUFF ROCKS.

I am deeply COMPELLED to blog it because it is so totally fabulous. If you'll please excuse all the capitals. 

It's not my recipe. It came from the lovely wife of this lovely dude. She gave it to me from memory as she stood in my kitchen and Adam and I ate spoonfuls of the vanilla version that she'd brought for us. 

I've reduced the sugar a tad after I made it the first time and I reckon this is my perfect icecream. 

Please make it. It makes the world a better place.



Chocolate Icecream to change the world


½ cup hard packed brown sugar

½ cup white sugar

1 cup cocoa (the unsweetened kind)

1½ cups milk

600ml cream


The easiest and best way to make this is to whizz it all up well in a blender. Wait till it's thick and creamy then put in fridge for at least 20 minutes.

I've found that if you thoroughly chill your icecream mix before you process it, it's lighter and fluffier and processes up easier. 

Once chilled, put into an icecream maker if you have one, and churn for at least half an hour. If you don't have one I reckon put one on your Christmas list if you can. Or just partially freeze in a container, then scrape into a big bowl and whizz with a hand blender. Put back into freezer to fully freeze.

Note 1: I have triple checked this recipe.

Note 2: I can't vouch for non-icecream-maker icecream texture I'm afraid.

Note 3: When you are lying on your deathbed in many years time, you will not remember the virtuous sultana muffin you gave yourself as a treat today. Or the righteous omission of treats altogether. THIS, though, this you will remember. 

Note 4: You're very welcome.


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