making rocket pesto


One of my favourite things is basil and pine nut pesto. Apart from the cost of the pine nuts which is not favourite. I've experimented with lots of different nuts and most work well. 

But I've actually never made pesto with anything other than basil.

Being mid winter, there's no basil to be had. There is, however, rocket.



Ivy and I set out to collect some just before lunch (because frankly I am not organised enough to pick it at dawn with the dew still on it at its herby peak) until I realised it's planted right next to the rhubarb whose leaves looked the same to the two year old. 

Canned that pretty fast.

100% confident no rhubarb leaves went into the pesto.




I can't actually give you a recipe because I didn't actually measure anything. But you can cook, and you can taste it, yours will be better!

It was a combination of about 2 cups of rocket, a lovely looong splash of olive oil, four crushed cloves of garlic, half a lemon's worth of lemon juice, a good solid grate of parmesan and about half a cup of raw walnuts. Whizzed in the food processor. Added more olive oil. Added a good toss of salt. Delicious.

It was yummy on fresh bread rolls with roasted chicken and sliced tomatoes for lunch. With friends and lots of family. Everything tastes better. 




(Everything also tastes better if there's a hot apple pie in the oven to follow, right?)


Camera battery flat, phone photos today!

Hope your Monday included something delicious.


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