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So am now HOOKED on knitting. So to speak. All cast on. Crazy about it. 

I can remember my Nan teaching me when I was about 8 years old, on holiday with them. I still have the needles she gave me. Must knit something up on them. Super special. 

Anyway, was planning to photograph Tilly's scarf for the last couple of days but it's been so hot here in Sydney that I gave up waiting for a cool change and took this one:


After which, in 33° heat, she put it on by herself anyway.

Hoping we'll get some wear out of it once winter rolls around!

The pattern I used was one I found in Creative Knitting magazine – very straightforward, so perfect for a beginner like me, just knit one row, pearl, knit, pearl then switch it around to create the rib: pearl one row, knit, pearl, knit and keep repeating. I was using it as an exercise to try to get the hang of counting rows (still not very good at it, my ribs are a bit uneven!) and to try to get used to recognising a knit or pearl row done previously, when I picked it up again after a break.

AND I made my first pair of pyjama pants today out of that fab fabric I found last weekend:

I used the pyjama pattern from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing and it was super quick and simple to follow. I shortened the legs for these summertime duds and have some orders in from Tilly and Adam for theirs.  

 Not a great photo tonight, but it was late!

At the end of Henry's first full school week (which went really well, hooray!) we came home in the sweltering heat, each had an organic apple juice iceblock (do you have those iceblock moulds from IKEA? They are the BEST I tell you!) and then we packed up to go to the local swimming pool.

Made it outside, all shoe-less and wearing only our swimmers and towels, and with a mighty smack to my forehead and perhaps a swear word or two I realised I'd locked the keys (house and car) in the house. And it was HOT. And at that point Tilly decided she urgently needed to loo. Of course.

So I called Clare, my marvellous next door neighbour who unfortunately wasn't home, to see if I had given her a spare key (I have hers) and she said no, I'd only talked about it, but she'd be home soon.

I called Adam who, because he is a legend, dropped everything, got on his bike (I mean literally) and cycled the 10kms home like a madman.

Meanwhile Clare's three teenagers showed up after school and entreated us to go inside with them but by then we were all sorted (Tilly having found an accommodating tree in the front garden which needed a "water"), we were in the shade, happily watching You Tube on my iPhone. Bless the iPhone. Clare's eldest came out with delicious icy water in wonderfully enormous chilled cups for us, and we were all good.

And of course once Ad came home we convinced him that he needed to come swimming with us (we really twisted his arm) and then because the evening was a bit of a shambles, how about we go out for a sushi dinner after? (Which being Friday night HAD to involve dessert, as you know. Henry configures his week around Friday Night Dessert Night.) Icecream. In cones. Yum.

And so after all that we drove out to Ad's work and picked up his laptop and other work things and so by the time H-Bomb was actually in his new p-js and going to bed, I wasn't going to make a fuss about the photo.

Hope you all stayed cool today. Or at least have a few wonderful people (or You Tube) to bail you out of hot situations.



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