Merry Christmas!!


Don't you just love Christmas?

Families and friends clinking glasses, sparkling lights, tinsel, fabulous food? 

Every year I think: why don't I make Christmas pudding in July sometime? It would work perfectly in Australia, it's cold in July.

I love ham, cold, kept in a pillowcase in the fridge. An Australian quirk, I gather, as Virginian Betsy looked utterly horrified as she peeled back the damp pillowcase and said, really? Is this all right?

I love mince tarts, crisp and soft and fragrant from the oven.

And the kids, bright eyed, full of spirit, conked out at 4pm (see above) in new dress on new surfboard, from sheer excitement and perhaps a touch too much icecream.

It's just so cool.

Merry Christmas, lovely people, I hope you've had a marvellous one. 


PS I was unexpectedly offline in the lead up to Christmas so will be running with pre-Christmas baking in the next couple of days! (Just in case you have any room left for a wee cookie or trifle!)



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